Fine art prints

We have something special to offer here at Hooked on the Past:  Fine art Prints

“Hyperrealistic renderings painstakingly crafted”
Sam Lubell at Wired

Three large print on metal 16″ x 48″

“The architectural masterpiece back to life”
Newell Nussbaumer at Buffalo Rising

Each render is available in three different sizes and in any case, the experience of seeing a high-quality print compared to the low-resolution versions on the web is just astonishing

“It’s hard to distinguish the renderings from photographs”
Carrie Hojnicki at Architectural Digest


Up to 12 inches (30 cm) on its longest side. Printed on high-quality photo paper. 

Price: 19.95 USD
Open edition

Large print on paper: 

Up to 36 inches (90 cm) on its longest side. Printed on high-quality photo paper. 

Price: 159.95 USD
Limited edition to 100 units

Large print on metal: 

Up to 36 inches (90 cm) on its longest side. Printed on metal.

Price: 399.95 USD
Limited edition to 150 units

“Reviving destroyed and unbuilt buildings in vivid images, and with the kind of attention to detail that would make the master himself [Frank Lloyd Wright] very proud.”
Nora Young at CBC Radio

New prints will be added over time but once a large print sells out (on metal or paper) it will no longer be available to purchase in that size.

“The Spanish architect chose to recreate the two buildings, as both are important to Wright’s design legacy”
Eleanor Gibson at Deezeen

Large print on metal 45″ x 30″

“A Herculean task of love for architecture”
Roberto Juanes at The New York Times Style Magazine

The project “Hooked on the Past” supports the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, donating 10% of the profit from the sale of the prints to the organization.

The Conservancy addresses the important mission of preserving Frank Lloyd Wright’s existing structures through different initiatives, including the provision of informational resources to architecture and design professionals and owners of Wright buildings with the aim of preserving his masterly work.

Large print on paper 16″ x 48″ – Frame not included

“Things are so lush you feel you could almost reach out and touch them”
Asad Syrkett at Curbed

Contact me at for more information about availability, pricing of the renders or any other questions you might have.

“With the help of a vast array of software, Spanish architect David Romero has digitally recreated a  series of iconic works by Frank Lloyd Wright”
Nicolás Valencia at ArchDaily

Thank you for supporting my work!

David Romero

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