Rebuild or not rebuild

There is a debate as old as architecture itself, related to the reconstruction of buildings destroyed as they were in their day.

When it comes to authentic works of art, the problem is twofold. How to recreate a masterpiece knowing that it will never be identical to the original?

In this context my work joins this controversy adding the possibilities that technology offers us today, because although reconstruct a building requires a great economic investment, doing so virtually is a comparatively much simpler work.

There are currently several initiatives to rebuild Frank Lloyd Wright’s missing buildings and the fact that I am doing the same, but in a virtual way, it has caught the attention of many people.

In my opinion, virtual recreations and real recreations are not mutually exclusive but just the opposite, as both have very different advantages and drawbacks.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation have interviewed me about these and other questions, so you can read a more detailed version of my opinion at this regard here.

Two other articles in which this subject is discussed are here and here (Attention also to comments).

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