Mile High Illinois

This is probably Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous unbuilt project and, from a more personal point of view, the second-largest model I have ever made.

The construction of this model was long and complex, all the floors are different, so for each of the 528 floors I had to create a unique polyline. For the facades, I used parametric generators where I added blinds lowered to different heights to add a bit of variety.

For the cars in the parking lot, I used vehicles from the time as well as prototypes designed by Wright, on the aerodrome I placed “aerotors” another Wright design equivalent to what we know today as drones.

The building is in the city of Chicago, for which I had to find another gigantic three-dimensional model that reflects the city as we know it today. I would have liked to get a model of the city of Chicago as it was in 1956, but it is impossible to find such a model, let alone model one from scratch.

The first images of this model were originally published in the quarterly magazine of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in 2023, in its issue dedicated to skyscrapers.

It is not clear whether this design was viable, but Wright’s proposal is brave, unconventional, and meets the many challenges of this formidable undertaking in a strikingly imaginative way. If we think that Wright was 89 years old at that time, it seems obvious that age did not dampen the enthusiasm that still pushed him to expand the limits of technology, art, and human ambition.

I hope my work serves as a tribute to the genius of an unusual creative mind.

Images of this project can be seen here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    excelente trabajo como siempre… ojalá en algun momento hicieras la casa “Eaglefeather”, nadie lo hace al nivel tuyo..!!

    1. David Romero says:

      Gracias! Eaglefeather está en la lista de proyectos futuros, Tarde o temprano llegará

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