Larkin administration building finished

After weeks of work during which I have had to remake all the images, I call this images finished.

It is possible now to contemplate this recreation of the Larkin Administration Building here, which would not have been possible without the invaluable help of many people at who have altruistically contributed to improve the accuracy of the result in an essential way.

The resulting images are as always in my Flickr account, but already under a creative commons license, so it is possible to download them and everyone interested in this building can enjoy it and share it.

This contribution aims to enrich the knowledge and enjoyment of this masterpiece by adding new points of view and color to what until now were exclusively black and white images.

And that is almost everything; I still have in mind a little experiment in relation to this model which I will show you soon, so keep connected to this blog.

Enjoy the result!

03/03/2017 Update

You can buy a print here.

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  1. Larry Harris says:

    Amazing…incredible !! So if I understand correctly, these are all virtual recreations? Looking forward to more !

    1. David R. says:

      Thanks Larry. Indeed, I’m working on more recreations, stay connected!

  2. Larry Harris says:

    Also sent a question through your online store; it listed paper prints only as 24 x 36, was curious if smaller sizes are available ?


    1. David R. says:

      Larry. I changed the provider with which I was performing the print services. If you enter now you will see a bigger offer.

      Thank you!

  3. George D says:

    Amazing photos, brings the Larkin Building back to life. The color plus the detail of the images are spectacular and truly illustrates the genius of Wright. Awesome effort, thanks. Is there anyway to purchase photos of the inside of the building as you have shown?

    1. David R. says:

      Thanks George!
      I am currently updating all the interior images, due to an information which I have received recently.
      You can read the details here:

      In any case they will be available soon, also in the store. I’ll keep you informed.
      Thank you!

  4. Brandon S. says:

    Truly amazing. Thank you very much for this. The reasons for it’s abandonment and demolition seem completely criminal to me. What a loss.

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