The Pauson house finished

After a period of review helped by connoisseurs and admirers of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, especially at, I can show this project in its finished version.

As with the Larkin building, it has been many months of work but I think the result has been worth it.

In the future, I will return to this model to show you new points of view of this gem full of nuances, but for the moment enjoy this perfect work of architecture which only Frank Lloyd Wright could have conceived.

The complete set of images is here.

And you can buy a print here.

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  1. Thank you for generating the images. I was struck as a teenager about this building by a limited number of black and white pictures and a limited floor plan. It was a real treat to see your skillful detailed color images. Again thank you for letting me experience the pure joy of beauty.

    1. David R. says:

      Thanks Clem!

      Visit this page from time to time or sign up for the news letter, I have other wonders to show you!

  2. Ross Smith says:

    Is the ruin known as “shiprock”?

    1. David Romero says:

      Yes, shiprock is the unofficial name that the local people gave to the beautiful ruins that remained.

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