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The two drawings which appear at the beginning of this post where produced by Frank Lloyd Wright. They are separated several years in time and drawn in very different styles, but what catches my attention is the 1×3 format in which they are framed, used to emphasize the strong vertical proportions of the building design.

Taking these two drawings as a starting point I decided to make a set of images of the Larkin Administration Building using this same proportion and in black and white, a bit like one of my favorite set of photographs of the city of New York:

Horst Hamann is a photographer who surprised everybody by turning 90 degrees a panoramic camera, which was originally designed to be used horizontally, and the result is one of the most memorable book of photographs devoted to New York.

The complete set of images can be seen here.




I hope you like it.

12/19/2016 Update:

As usual, there is a debate going on at related to the accuracy of these images. You can read it and you can participate here:

03/03/2017 Update:

After updating the glass of the central skylight I consider this work finished.

And you can buy a print here.

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