Rose and Gertrude Pauson house. Part I

Rose and Gertrude Pauson house

The Pauson House was a little gem within the extensive work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Designed in the 40’s is considered a masterpiece but after a tragic fire this building disappeared after only one year of existence.

Fortunately we have a great photographic report from Pedro E. Guerrero, but they are exclusively black-and-white photographs and just as it happens with the Larkin Administration Building hardly any color images are preserved with enough quality to show us this wonderful work.

Rebuilding the Shiprock

As in my previous work with the Larkin, I thought it was worthwhile to visit such a fascinating building so now you can enjoy the visit to this superb ship that once sailed through the Arizona desert. Of the many constructions of Wright who have been lost over time, this is one of the most yearned.

Technical aspects

The building is modeled in AutoCad and 3dsMax, the rendering engine is Vray.

I found it especially difficult to model the masonry walls or “desert masonry” as Wright used to call it.

For vegetation  and for the carpet, I used the software MultiScatter.

For curtains, cushions and fabrics, I used Marvelous Designer.

The skies are by Peter Guthrie.

Last but not least

I made this work without any aditional help, what maybe would have made me to commit some inaccuracies, but for sure the wonderful group of erudites behind the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy will help me in the fine-tuning of these images.

So you can follow the process here:

And the complete set of images can be seen here:

Pauson House

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  1. Tim Hills says:

    This is amazing work! The level of detail and realism is incredible. I recently modeled a house that had desert masonry but couldn’t achieve an acceptable simulation. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. Robert says:

    Amazing piece of work! (by Wright and by you!)

  3. What beautiful modelling of one of my favourite lost Wrights.


    (PS: I’ve taken the liberty of posting three pics on my New Zealand blog, linking the post back to your wonderful post. Please let me know if you have any problem with this.)

    1. David R. says:

      Thanks for sharing! I hope to finish soon the fine tuning of these images and then it will also be possible to download them.


  5. jim kuhns says:

    Is this the home to which FLW brought a number of his students to “rebuild” the wall and modify terrain contours?

    1. David R. says:

      I’m afraid I don´t know this anecdote, but surely someone in this forum will know the answer:

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