Four Dimensions Trinity Chapel

Recently I have been collaborating with the companies Unreal Engine and HP and now we can show you the Trinity Chapel in all his glory through Virtual Reality.

It has been a very interesting experience to work on exporting my model from the original version that I created in 3dsMax and Vray to the Unreal Engine 4 software, through the Datasmith export platform.

The result is spectacular, you can move inside the building to your liking in VR with almost cinematic quality and  in real time.

This is one more step in the direction of experiencing architecture in an increasingly realistic way, as technology makes the virtual experience more and more similar to a real experience.

Every detail has been taken care of, including sound, voice, different lighting possibilities and information about Frank Lloyd Wright’s design

Do not miss this experience here and here

And of course, in these cool videos you can see what the experience consists of:

Enjoy it!

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