Wright Spirit Award

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is a non-profit organization in charge of facilitating the preservation and administration of the existing works designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Conservancy grants every year The Wright Spirit Award, which “recognizes the efforts of extraordinary individuals and organizations who have preserved the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright through his tireless dedication and persistent efforts.”

I am very proud to write that I have been one of the awarded and the reason, in the words of the Conservancy, is the following:

David Romero, for his meticulous and evocative computer recreations of lost and undeveloped Wright buildings

it’s great to receive this award for doing something that I love to do, for which I am so grateful to the Conservancy, an organization that I admire and that does a fundamental work in helping preserve Wright’s essential legacy for our and future generations.

This award is also shared with my friend Chad Solon, with whom I have already made two models.

Due to the pandemic, the awards ceremony has been virtual. You can see it here:

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