Arizona Capitol

I made this model for the quarterly magazine of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and is about a large government complex designed by Wright for the city of Phoenix.

Wright designed an unsolicited project with the intention of creating debate around a contest to which he was not invited and whose result was not to his liking.

The design, in any case, is bright and imaginative and perfectly accommodates the desert climate in a way that today we would qualify as sustainable architecture

It is interesting that, in the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, his design is inspired by the Alhambra, a building with which, except for the tribute to the columns on the fa├žade, it apparently does not relate much to Wright’s design.

But I say apparently because if one contemplates both designs, one can perceive the same intention to create shady spaces and surprising gardens with the intention of creating spaces that are not completely interior or exterior, but something in between.

An example of how to reinterpret a previous work: Assuming its objectives but formalizing it into something completely different.

In this video, created as an informal talk, you can find more information about the process of creating these images


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  1. nobita910928 says:

    i really want to buy all your 3D model,but i can’t find it

    1. David Romero says:

      Hi nobita

      In the past, I sold some 3D models related to furniture designed by FLLW, but apparently there was a copywright conflict with a well-known furniture manufacturer brand and they were deleted from the page where they were sold, so I currently do not sell any 3D models. Thank you!

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